Friday, January 2, 2009

Penguin Stocking

My mother always made our Christmas stockings So I decided to give it a shot for my sons first Christmas.

For the Stocking I started with a nice basic red fabric, and cut it into my stocking shape.

I took some holiday fabric I found and cut out these cute little penguins from the fabric. I lined the penguins and the Christmas trees up in a pattern and pinned them down, I quadrupled up on some white thread and stitched all the pieces down with some uneven 'x' shaped stitches. I did the stitches so thick and uneven to give it a very handmade look.

I just happened to make a matching onesie for my little guy to wear on Christmas day.

For the onesie I took some red fabric (the same red fabric I used on the stocking) pinned it all around the collar of a plain white onesie, and just hand stitched it in place. I took the same red fabric and sewed in a small square on the front of the onesie, then took a couple of penguins and stitched them on.