Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Brest Friend

When I had my son two years ago I got a boppy pillow, and I liked it. Then I heard some women say that a brest friend is much better so I got one when I had my little girl a few months ago.
I loved it- it was so much better than a boppy- the only problem was that I had to undo the Velcro when I was done feeding her and if she had fallen asleep it would wake her up.
So I decided to modify my slipcover.
I cut the strap:

Cut back some of the Velcro to leave room to sew more easily:

Then I just folded the fabric over some buckle closures that I got for a couple of bucks at Joann's and stitched a straight line. SO simple!

Now it is so easy to undo without making all the noise of undoing the Velcro

I found out that some of the new covers are already made this way, but if you get one that doesn't have the buckle, you can easily modify it.

Even my daughter likes it