Monday, April 20, 2009

More Cards

It's getting redundant, but this is what I love to do the most, make cards!

When I sat down and designed this card, it was meant to be a wedding card, but I think it could be used for other occasions, too.

I couldn't find a ribbon that I liked for this so I bought two. A thin pink one, and a wider white one, I simply glued the pink one on top of the white one. (If you do this, you'll want to work with the ribbon quickly, once the glue dries it's no longer soft and pliable). I adhered that ribbon to a pink piece of card stock, all across the inside and front of the card, in one continuous piece.
On the inside I then taped down a square of green paper on the right hand side, where you would write the message.

On the outside, I took the same green paper and cut a pretty looking 'medallion' out of it, I stamped the words "on your special day' onto this piece of paper, and used the same ink to "stain" the edges.
I adhered this with 1/8" thick foam squares, so that it is popping off the card a little. I then stamped a heart in the bottom right corner and lightly shaded in the heart with a colored pencil.

Like before, I couldn't waste the scraps, so I made gift tags with the extra!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I I had a lot of scraps pf the paper and ribbon from the brown card below, so I decided to make a few gift tags rather than throw them away. Here are a few that I made.

Look at that adorable ribbon- Do you think I could let that go to waste?!?

Pocket Cards

For a recent card swap I made a "pocket card" I don't know if that is and actual name for this or not, but I'm going to go with it.

Out of a medium brown paper, I cut pieces that were 4"x12". I folded this strip of paper 4 inches from the top and two inches from the bottom. I glued along the outside edges of the 2 inch fold, to make a pocket, the 4 inch fold was left to flap open and closed.
I then cut 1/4" thick strips of paper and glued them along the edges of the card, inside and out.
After that I took a cream colored card stock and cut it into 3x5 inch rectangles, and stuck a ribbon down the left hand side. This piece goes into the 'pocket' of the card and is, of course, where you would write the message.

I took a coordinating ribbon and glued it across the front of the flap of the card.
On top of the ribbon I layered three different sized flowers, and glued that on.

I mixed and matched some of the flowers for some variety.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthday Invitation

For my sons first Birthday I handmade his party invitations. They were pretty easy.
I cut 4x6 rectangles out of the background (polka dots) paper.
I drew the number one onto some card stock and cut it out to use as a stencil, So I traced the number 1 onto the yellow paper, and cut out the number.
I took a set of party themed stamps that I bought at Target and stamped the images onto the invitation.
I then took a black pen and added "stitches" around the outline of both the background paper, and the Number One