Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inspired by Dana Pt. 4

Another post about a craft inspired by the Fabulous Dana at MADE.
A little while ago, she MADE some adorable ruffle cards. It combined my great love of card making with my newer hobby of sewing!
So I decided to make a few of my own.

I used some pink and brown fabric I had left over from making all of the bedding in my baby girl's room, and I used a tan card stock for the card.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Inspired By Dana Pt 3.

Okay, one last post about re-purposing fabric.
Again, I thank Dana from MADE for giving me the idea that I don't have to go to the fabric store to buy fabric, sometimes- it could just be lying around.
This time I used a pajama shirt that I NEVER wore, and a pair of pajama pants that had been worn a few times, but they had a hole in one knee.

This time I didn't make a skirt.
I made a bib
Double sided
And not one,
But two matching burp cloths.
Here's the whole set. I actually had enough fabric to make 4 of these sets.
I've already given two away as gifts. Should I keep the others as gifts as well, or sell them when I *someday* get my Etsy store going?

Inspired by Dana Pt.2

I love Dana from MADE.
She is so talented, she has two adorable kids, and she has inspired me.
Among other things she makes an awesome shirt dress. I love that she can re-use fabric and make something so cute.
Here I found this pretty silky scarf for 99 cents.
I cut it up, and layered it with a slightly heavier fabric to give it some weight and voila! I have a skirt:

Cute Right?

I hope you all think it's cute- I think I want to sell this on Etsy. If I ever get around to setting up my Etsy shop that is

Inspired by Dana Pt.1

Dana from MADE has changed the way I look at fabric.
She is always re-purposing fabric on her site and it has made me think about doing the same thing.
This may not look like much but I found a skirt on sale for $1. and it was on sale for a reason

The cut was awful- it wouldn't look flattering on anyone- I mean it. Normally I would have walked away- but after reading Dana's blog I knew it had potential.
I turned it into a two-layered gathered little-girls skirt. I made this in about a 2T size.
So I got a CUTE little girls skirt for just a dollar