Monday, August 29, 2011

Snowman Ornament

I have a confession... I'm a craft hoarder. Which means:
* I buy craft supplies at clearance/discount price- then store it until I have something to use it for
And it also means:
*I hate throwing scraps away if they seem 'usable'
So I had a few scraps after making my latest exploding box.
I decided to use them to make a Christmas tree ornament.

I'm selling it here in my etsy shop.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Snowman Exploding Box

I've made another exploding box and it's for sale here in my etsy shop

This one is a winter theme and would be perfect for holding a Christmas/holiday gift
I love exploding boxes because they seem so nice and simple on the outside, but they're hiding some extra layers of fun on the inside.

Inside the box

All opened up

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Children's Quilt

I got the opportunity to make a custom order quilt.

I was asked to make it with large squares of various characters from children's movies and television.
She wanted the quilt to be random, and have no particular direction, so not all of the squares should face the same way.
So here's what I did: 
The back of the quilt is just solid red, in the same fabric as the red on the front.

And After the quilt I had one extra pre-cut square of fabric-
 So I made a bonus pillow, to throw in with the quilt: 

I love making pillows and bedding, You can request a custom order in my etsy shop :JLynneCreations

Monday, August 1, 2011

Car Seat Tent

Just before my last precious baby was born I made a reversible car seat cover.
I love it.
When I'm at the store it keeps people (complete strangers) from touching my baby
It keeps the bright Arizona sunlight out
And It's cute! Especially the brown ruffle around the edge.

Pink and brown on one side:

Solid brown on the other: