Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Copycat Halloween

So I usually design all of my own cards... to me that's half the fun. This time I copied. A woman at my card swap made a Halloween card and I used her idea for some Halloween party invites I made. I of course changed many things from her idea, but it's still not really an original. I thought I would share it anyway, so that every one can see her wonderful idea.
I used a 4x6 brown card. I cut out 2" squares from orange paper, and 1.5" squares from black paper. I taped the little black square onto the little orange square and then taped those near the top of the card.

I used white ink to stamp a pumpkin onto the black square. Does everybody else have a problem having their white ink show up?? I had a friend use white acrylic paint to stamp, and it turned out much clearer than this, I'm going to try that next time.

Anyway, the white stamp ink shows really well on non-porous surfaces so I stamped Happy Halloween on a 4x6 inch transparency. (I bought transparencies at Office Max and then cut them down.)

Then I punched little holes in the transparencies and the cards, and attached the transparency with brads. All Done!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!