Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pocket Cards

For a recent card swap I made a "pocket card" I don't know if that is and actual name for this or not, but I'm going to go with it.

Out of a medium brown paper, I cut pieces that were 4"x12". I folded this strip of paper 4 inches from the top and two inches from the bottom. I glued along the outside edges of the 2 inch fold, to make a pocket, the 4 inch fold was left to flap open and closed.
I then cut 1/4" thick strips of paper and glued them along the edges of the card, inside and out.
After that I took a cream colored card stock and cut it into 3x5 inch rectangles, and stuck a ribbon down the left hand side. This piece goes into the 'pocket' of the card and is, of course, where you would write the message.

I took a coordinating ribbon and glued it across the front of the flap of the card.
On top of the ribbon I layered three different sized flowers, and glued that on.

I mixed and matched some of the flowers for some variety.

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