Thursday, December 10, 2009


So here are two cakes that I made recently
They were both actually for church. The first was for an activity I had with some of the young women; the activity had to do with babies so I made a mock baby shower cake.

I made a lemon cake and used a lemon frosting, which I added food dye to in order to make it a brighter yellow. I formed the blocks out of fondant, and colored three colors of fondant. I rolled out the colors to about 1/16th inch and then folded them over the corner of a box while they dried for a little bit to give them a nice bend. I cut the pieces to size and stuck them on. Then I rolled out some fondant and shaped it into letters, the leftover colors were used to make balls to go for the border.

The next cake was also for the young women at church. The young women work with a program called personal progress, and they have 8 values that each have a color to represent them. So I made a three tier, (two layer each) cake covered with white fondant, and I colored fondant to make swags, and flowers in each value color. I also made balls for the border from each color to match.

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Enfys said...

Gosh Jennifer, these are amazing. I bet the groups were over the moon with them,
big hugs
En xx