Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kids Oven Mitts

The next step in my process of making kids kitchen stuff was the oven mitts (six of them)
I had not pattern, but I drew an oversized oven mitt onto tissue paper and used that as my pattern to cut out 12 pieces of white fabric, 12 pieces of batting and 12 of the red gingham that matched the other portions of the kitchen sets
 I layered a set of white, batting and gingham, and 'quilted' through them by just sewing a few intersecting diagonal lines
 I took two pieces that were opposites of each other (in regards to which way the thumb pointed)

 And I stitched them right-sides together:

 I trimmed the excess, and turned them right side out

Then used some edging I made (exactly the same as the edging I made for the hot-pads) and hand-stitched that around the bottom edge: 

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