Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thinking of You

So here's another card that I designed for card swap.
First ---the cutting.
I cut white card stock into 5.5"x7.5" pieces to make a 3.75x"5.5" card.
I cut some of this pretty pink patterned paper into 3.5x"5.25" rectangles.
Next I cut strips from a black pinstripe paper at 1"x5.25"
I then cut strips from both a burgundy paper and vellum in strips that measure1/2"x5.25"
Then two rectangles, one from the same burgundy paper and one from vellum- these were 2"x3".
I taped the patterned paper down onto the card. taped the pinstriped paper across the card, in the bottom half.
In the center of the pinstriped strip I taped down the burgundy strip of paper, and glued the vellum strip on top of that.
I Stamped a flower and 'thinking of you' onto the vellum rectangle, and adhered that to the burgundy rectangle, then taped that to the card.
I finished it by taking two self adhesive metal dots and putting them on either end of the stamped vellum rectangle. You could probably stress the edges of the vellum to give it a little more depth. But there you have it.
This card was actually made for this month when it was my turn to host- so of course I made treats too.
I made a three layer single tier red velvet cake, and I wanted to have it match with the card that we all made together.
I took the stamps that I used for the card and stamped them on a sheet of white paper, scanned it into the computer, enlarged the images, and printed it up. I transferred the pattern onto the cake using parchment paper and piping gel.
On the sides, I didn't want to try to copy the pattern off of the pink paper exactly, but I did something swirly and pink to give the same idea.
Then I made Bakerella cake balls with the scraps from the cake.

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Enfys said...

Gosh, the card is gorgeous, and the cake is just wonderful, I am in awe!
En x