Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fabric Flower Hair Clips

I found a tutorial here for making a five petal flower from fabric. You could use these in lots of different ways, So far I have just used mine for some hair clips.

I used the same clips, and covered them the same way as I did when I made Silk Flower Hair Clips.

Then I sewed the flowers according to the tutorial. Just so you know, the larger your stitches are, the smaller the hole will be in the center of the flower. Also your fabric will change the size of the hole in the center, thinner, lighter fabrics will create a smaller more closed in hole. If you choose to use smaller stitches closer together, then you will be left with a larger space to fill; so your will need a larger button to cover the center. Once I finished the flower, I just got out the glue gun and glued the flower onto the hair clip.

The tutorial says to use 6 squares, that are 3"x3"...You actually only need five squares. these last two flowers were made using smaller squares of fabric. Also, if you are using a button that has only two holes it may wiggle around a little bit more, if it does that and it shows some of the raw edges to your fabric, just use a little hot glue to keep the button in its place.

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