Wednesday, June 10, 2009

flower hair clips

I've spent some time recently making hair clips for my little girl that should soon be making her debut in the world. I don't think people realize how easy and inexpensive it is to make hair clips and how versatile they can be, so I'm going to show how I made them.

I have several different kinds of clips that I have made, but right now I'm only going to show the clips I made using silk flowers.

Just go to your local craft store and find stems of flowers that you like and any ribbon to match; when you get home, you pull all of the flowers off of the stems, and remove any of the plastic "centers".

The clips I use are Conair, perfect shape and size for what I want

And the secret ingredient: cabinet lining. You can buy this in large amounts at any place like Bed Bath & Beyond.

See, you cut it into thin little 1" strips, and when you glue that inside the clip it will help "grip" the hair with out being uncomfortable

Once you've picked your ribbon and flower, you start by using your hot glue gun to glue the ribbon onto the hair clip.

Then take your flower(s) and glue them down one by one

I recommend always using more than one single flower, layering the flowers is just much prettier.

When You've got the flowers on, add something to the center, most often I use small jewels, but buttons, brads, beads, etc... will work
Then also glue the strip of lining inside the clip to finish it off.

Based on the size of your flowers, you may or may not see the ribbon that you use... so if you're using a small flower, be more careful matching the ribbon since it will be very visible:

Larger flowers cover the ribbon so you don't need to get as picky (there are a few very large flowers that I used no ribbon at all)

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