Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tie-Up Card

Here's a pretty, but basic little double fold tie up card
First off, I'll go with all of my cutting...
1- I cut Blue card stock into pieces that were 4"x8"
2- I cut some lightweight white paper into 3x3" squares.
3- I cut some textured white card stock into 3"x1.5" rectangles
4- I used the same blue Card stock and cut 1" squares.
5- I cut 9" lengths of a silky white ribbon, the ribbon is about 3/4" wide.

Instead of folding the card in half, I measured two inches in from each side of the blue card stock and folded each end in.
Then I taped the white square of paper into the center of the card.

I glued one end of a ribbon to the back of each of the textured 1.5"x3" rectangles, and then adhered them to the front of the card.

I then stuck 1" squares onto each side of the opening of the card.
Then, I tied the ribbon into a bow. This card was pretty easy to make and is nice and simple, but still pretty, and just a little bit different than the norm, since it opens in the middle instead of off to the side.

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Our Little Inspirations said...

this is really cute! TFS the directions to make one! Cute blog you've got here:)