Sunday, June 28, 2009

Window Card

Here is yet another card that I made for my cardswap.

First the cutting:
I cut pink card stock into pieces that were 5.5"x3.75" I folded it in half, and cut a 2.5" circle out of the center of one half of the card.
I cut a dotted patterned paper into 3.75" squares and cut a 2.5" circle out of the center.
I had a paper that had a grid pattern of squares and cupcakes on it, I cut it into strips, and cut the strips down so they had four squares each.
Last, I cut transparencies into squares that were about 3.5" (I just bought a box of overhead transparencies from OfficeMax

I stamped happy Birthday on the transparency with my Staz-on white ink, and then glued that down onto the front of the pink card.

I then taped down the dotted paper, lining up the circles. I also taped down the strips with squares and cupcakes along the edges of the card. Last thing, I just had to trim the extra paper around the edges.

Here's the final product, with the back half of the pink card showing through.

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