Tuesday, June 2, 2009

MIdnight Madness 3

Two days in a row!!! My son has gotten to an age where he can play on his own for long stretches of time, which means I have more time for crafting during the day... at least for the next 10 weeks until baby number 2 gets here.

So here we are; the card I made today for the Midnight Madness sketch challenge.

I cut a 4x6" card out of a burgundy card stock, and cut 4.5"x3.5" rectangles out of dark green and very pale green card stocks. I adhered the dark green piece to the light green piece just slightly offset, down and to the right.

Then I taped that down to the front of the card.

I used the same burgundy card stock and cut a 2.5" inch square and cut another 2.5"square from a mellow green color. I stamped 'Thank You' on the green square, stuck the two squares together at a slight angle, and taped that to the card.

With all of the paper pieces in place, I punched holes along the left hand side, where I placed my flowers, and fastened them with brads.

I then used a "paper ribbon" to go across the bottom.


Priscilla said...

Well done following the sketch :) We are so thrilled you are playing with us. Can't wait to see all your future growth with your beautiful cards :) This really is a fun craft huh? congratulations on the new baby :)

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Craft while you can! Hope you will be able to fit more card making and Midnight madness Sketch Challenges in in the future, best to you and your growing family.

Jane, MMDT member

Carolyn said...

Just a lovely way to say "Thank You" I know what you mean about kids and time. Don't think I could have done this more than a year or so ago. Mine range from age 20 down to 7 now. Lots of years lost and can't recall with running in different directions for so long ;) Love that you are finding some time to play with us. We love to see your work. Hope you will play some more.

MMDT member

Jeni C Slack (^0^) said...

Yes, those periods were interesting.. and I remember card back then my relief was quilting :) Well I am glad you made some time for this challenge and we appreciate your support, Great tutorials! ~Jeni MMDT Member