Monday, August 10, 2009

My Girls Room- The Mobile

So the last thing that I made for my little girls room was a mobile. The structure of the mobile was just the plastic pieces from my sons mobile, with the fabric removed.
For the hanging pieces of the mobile, I drew out a star and a heart on card stock, and then traced four of each shape onto my brown fabric and cut them out.
I used some of my leftover bias tape and sewed stripes across one side of two of the hearts and two of the stars. Then I sewed those, right sides together with the leftover shapes, leaving a whole a the bottom of the shape to turn it right side out and to stuff. Then I just hand stitched the last bit closed.

I took embroidery floss that I had leftover and hand stitched it through four points in the backs of the shapes. and tied them off.

For the top, I measured out the size of the triangle between the plastic points, and cut out four of them. I used bias tape and finished the two short edges of each triangle with the bias tape.
I then stitched all four triangles together to form the square, leaving a hole in the middle for the hook of the mobile to go through. Then I used more of the bias tape to finish the outside edge of the piece, and hung the stuffed hearts and stars from the top piece.

This mobile is the part of the room that I am least happy with. It was my first try with some of this stuff, and I struggled the outcome was okay but I'm not really happy with it.


Mary said...

It's very cute! You did a great job on it.


~Beth D. said...

wow! jealous! wish I could have done all that for my baby!