Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seat Covers

With a couple little kids around I have to worry about messes- especially in the kitchen.
For long time my son was sitting on top of a towel and my daughter's booster seat was also resting on a kitchen towel.
It worked, but then we were short two towels for use in the kitchen and they just kept sliding off the chairs.

So when I got this sturdy Teflon-treated (Teflon treated=stain resistant) plaid fabric I knew at least one thing I wanted to use it for.
Seat covers!

They were simple.

1. I measured the seat and cut out 2 pieces of fabric slightly larger than the seat.  
2. Sewed around 3-1/2 edges of the fabric with right sides together.
3. I clipped corners and turned it around.

Then the straps:
1. And measured the distance from one side to the other under the chair and around the back posts. I cut out three inch wide strips of fabric just slightly longer than those measurements
2. I folded the fabric in half lengthwise and sewed down the edge with the right sides together. then turned them right-side-out
3. I sewed velcro to the ends. (On the long straps that went under the chairs one strap got the hook side and the other got the soft/fuzzy side.)

4. I figured out where I wanted my straps to attach. and also sewed down the other side of the velcro for the straps that went around the back posts of the chairs.
5. Using a seam ripper, I removed the seam for about two inches in each location that I wanted a strap- then tucked the end of the strap into that newly created whole and pinned in pace.

Almost Done:
Lastly I top-stitched all the way around, this took care of...
-closing up the hole I left open to turn it after it was inside out,
-closing the holes used to place the straps in and
-attaching the straps.

I really like this fabric- I also made a couple of crayon rolls out of for a few little birthday gifts and a fun bag, for sale here in my etsy shop.

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