Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baby Shower Cards

So I made two versions of this card...Baby Girl and Baby Boy.
I'll just tell you how I made the Baby Girl Card.
First I took an 8.5"x11" sheet of pink cardstock and used some texturing plates to create the pattern of the little feet and hands. I then took a purple colored stamp pad and lightly swiped the ink over the paper to give color to the raised portions of the paper. I cut the paper into 1"x4" strips.
I took some pink patterned paper, which I traced my pattern of a dress onto and cut out the dress shape. I used a black pen to draw "stitches" around the outline of the dress, and drew pockets onto the dress.
Then I took sheets of cardstock that I had cut into 4"x12" strips, and folded them to make a vertically opening 4x6 card.
I glued pieces of twine (that I bought in the jewelry making section) onto the top corners of the card. I glued one strip of the textured paper onto the top and bottom of each card.
Next, I clipped these adorable little clothespins I got at Joanns (made by Jolee's.) onto the string.
I clipped my little dress into the clips and then stuck some foam squares under the bottom corners of the dress, to keep it in place and to help it to stand out off of the card.

Of course for the boy card, I did the same thing but with blue paper, and overalls instead of a dress.

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