Friday, May 29, 2009

Purple Birthday

So I'm a little bit torn on this card... it feels a little TOO purple, but here it is anyway.
First, the cutting:
I cut 4x6 cards from white card stock.
Next I cut some purple paper into 3x5 rectangles.
Then I cut 2x3" rectangles from a paper that used lighter shades of purple and had a diamond pattern on it.
Then I cut some of my scraps of white card stock into rectangles that measured about 1"x2.5".
Lastly, I cut a purple ribbon that said 'happy birthday' on it into to strips about 4 inches long.

I stuck the ribbon onto the 3x5 card (with the edges of the ribbon folded over the back.)

Then I Stuck that piece onto the actual card.

I stamped "Happy Birthday" onto the small white rectangle with black ink and taped that onto the diamond patterned paper. Then I pierced holes right along the edges of the white "happy birthday" piece and placed silver brads into those holes.

I then taped that entire piece onto the card.

I thought it needed something more, so I got out a mini stamp that I have of dots, and stamped the little dot pattern on each corner with purple ink.

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