Friday, May 1, 2009

Watercolor Card

I saw an idea for water coloring cards online, and wanted to try it. I liked the uneven coloring of the water colors- it made me think "vintage". You may not see it, but I do...this card reminds me of something I would have seen in my grandmothers (or great-grandmothers) kitchen, which is just what I was going for.

I started with a small card this time, 6x4, folded in half to make the front of the card a mere 3"x4".
I stamped this sunflower and thank you onto the front with black ink.
Then I got out my watercolors, I'm not a painter, so I don't have any good quality painting stuff around, I just have the cheap little water color palates you can get in the kids aisle at Target.
I started by just painting a solid yellow stripe across the top of the flowers, and I let it dry.
I also painted a thin line across the "seeds" in brown.
Then, I cleaned my brush, and dipped it in water. I used the water to "drag" the watercolor paint out. Doing this causes the inside where the paint was originally to stay dark and the places where I pulled the color to are lighter. I intentionally left some spots white.
After that dried I cut some thin strips of a patterned green paper and taped them across the top and bottom of the card.

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The girl next door said...

I just did mine. txs for the tips.