Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Bag!

This bag was made from repurposed fabric. My mother is the queen of buying unique/unnecessary items. On one trip to China she bought me a robe.
A Chinese Silk robe with dragons and such on it.
Believe it or not, I have very little use for a silky Chinese robe in my life. But it was unique and kinda cool looking so I held onto it-- even if I never wore it.
Well, a couple years later I was about to throw it out when I realized that I could use this cool fabric, just not in the form of a robe

I made a bag from the fabric. It's another over the shoulder tote.

 I didn't line this bag on purpose, so that you could get the negative color affect on the inside of the bag.
So, where there is red on the outside it is gold/orange on the inside. And where there is gold on the outside, you get red on the inside.  

Of course, I added pockets. What good is a bag without pockets?

The outside pocket

The inside pocket.
 This bag measure about 12"x15" and it's available in my etsy shop

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