Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Small Tote

A woman at church asked me to make up a pattern so the girls (age 12-18) at our church could make some bags.
I was flattered that she thought of me as crafty enough to not only sew a bag , but to create my own pattern! I must be moving up in the world! And, I happy to report that it was a total success.
Along with the pattern I created for the girls, I also made a bag as a sample- But I do not need another bag- SO it's going for sale in my etsy shop 

 Do you love it? It's small for a tote, (because sometimes they are TOO big) but a little big for a normal purse... if you've been looking for a medium sized shoulder bag then you are in luck.
This shoulder bag is about 11"x12" (not counting the straps, of course)
If you look inside you can see the pockets:
The pockets are side by side, and one is thin so that it ideally holds pens/pencils etc. while the other pocket is larger to hold... you know... keys, phone, whatever!

Or if you don't like the pocket on the inside, simply flip it inside out:
The bag is reversible, so you can have your pockets on the outside if you wish.

The fabric is a little stretchy and has a fun striped texture to it. I hope someone finds this bag a good home, because I love it, but I just don't need it :)

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