Monday, January 17, 2011

More Baby Stuff

I managed to get some organic AZO dye free cotton for cheap.. I mean super cheap. I'm not into super organic stuff, but since it was cheaper than 'regular' fabric I went for it.

I used it to make some more baby bibs and burp cloths.
Cute, right? And the bib isn't too bad either.

And it's reversible, green on one side, brown flower print (with green accents) on the other side.

And the burp rags:
I love these. For my son (my firstborn) I was given lots of burp rags and such one of them was made with one of these cloth diapers. It was by far my favorite burp rag. It was cute and it absorbed so much spit up. With my daughter I got three more as a gift- I love, love, loved them.
That's when I decided to make some myself- the world needs more of these fabulous burp cloths.

Here's a whole set of burp rags and bibs that can be found in my etsy shop.

Or you can get just a set of the burp cloths.

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