Thursday, January 20, 2011


For my church I currently do work with the youth. So I deal with a pile of silly girls between the ages of 12 and 18. I personally spend most of my time with just the 12 and 13 year old girls.
We recently decided to make pillows for a project- unfortunately not one of them knew how to sew... or had even attempted it before.
So I had my work cut out for me, but I helped design and sew a bunch of 14" pillows.

Here's the silliest pillow first:

Ducky Pillow
 A pink pillow, with little yellow duckies, and yellow ric-rac for trim. I warned you... silly.

Blue Paisley Pillow
 You see those two little pearls in the middle of the pillow? That girl insisted upon putting buttons in the middles of the pillow... I'm not sure why, but it made her happy.

Hawaiian Print and Blue 'envelope' Pillow
We added a grey button on the bottom of the triangle flap on the blue 'envelope' pillow (So named because she wanted to have it look like it had a top that folded over like an envelope)

Zebra Print
This one I liked a lot- I'm happy that I was able to talk her into using the red thread to accent the black-and-white.
We even used a honeycomb stitch to make it a little bolder.

Red Honeycomb Stitch on Zebra Pillow

And finally, the twin pillows.
Because 13 year olds aren't always logical- this girl says she wants a set of boy-girl twins when she's older, so we made pillows for just such an occasion.
The reason behind them may be silly, but I loved these pillows. And her Uncle (who is apparently very 'into' home design and decor) swore that these were designer pillows- he couldn't believe they were home made.
I was very proud, I helped design these pillows, guided a novice sewer (and corrected many mistakes) well enough to create something that appears to be made by a top name designer.
Here they are in more detail:

Boy Pillow, front

Girl Pillow, Front
 Are those pockets cute or what?

Girl Pillow, back
 Of course, the boy pillow was backed with the brown and blue stripes, I just don't have a picture of it.
Here's what you see on the side:

Both Pillows, back
  So there is the pile of hand made pillows that I made with my young girls.

I really loved making the pillows so if you want some customized hand-made pillows you can leave a comment for me or request an item via my etsy shop

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